Juan Coronado of minibar - Biography

Washington, D.C.

August 2013

It’s not often surprising when beverage professionals pass from one side of the industry to the other—some of them are just driven by a passion for all things liquid. One such professional is Juan Coronado, a 16-plus year veteran of the food and wine industry who got his start surrounded by Champagne as a sommelier for Bubble Lounge in New York and San Francisco. Coronado shared his knowledge beyond the lounge, teaching classes on Champagne 101 for The New York Times.

Inevitably, the spirits industry captivated Coronodo, and he branched out accordingly, expanding his expertise to sake and tequila, eventually serving as The New York Post’s go-to tequila expert. Coronado’s next move took him to Hell’s Kitchen, where he opened Sortie, a forerunner in prioritizing innovation and creativity in mixology. Other creative collaborations for Coronado included Braai and the Hennessy House of Mixing Academy.

Now recognized as a gifted mixologist, and enamored of rum in particular, Coronado won several rum-specific cocktail awards in 2005, 2006, and 2012, in addition to the Classic Martini Contest at the Astor Center in 2008. Mentored by world renowned Rum Master Señor William Ramos, Coronado eventually joined the Bacardi team as brand ambassador for their U.S. and Caribbean markets. Once more at the forefront of mixology, Coronado is cocktail innovator in charge of creating “all things liquid” for José Andrés’s Think Food Group, as well as lead liaison for the research and development team. He has been featured in publications ranging from GQ and Saveur and Details to The Washington Post.