Chef Joshua Henderson of Skillet Street Food - Biography

Seattle, Seattle

October 2011

At the age of 15, Joshua Henderson attempted to get his first job in the industry. There was only one problem: he wasn’t old enough to work. Undeterred (and finally legal), after graduating from music school in Bellingham, Washington, he went to the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, where he graduated with honors (and was even the valedictorian in 1998). From Hyde Park, he went on a circuitous route of working for big food companies, hotels, and restaurants, trying to find out not what he wanted to do, but how.

In 2004, Joshua was living in Los Angeles and began a company that provided private chefs for photographers on photo shoots on multiple locations throughout the country. It was during this time in Los Angeles that his vision and food really began to take focus—specifically mobile food. For Henderson that meant food that was rooted in classic cuisine, but had the passion and approachability of street food.

And so, Skillet Street Food was born. Joshua returned to Seattle, acquired an Airstream trailer, retrofitted it (with the help of former partner Danny Sizemore), and began serving from-scratch farm-to-table bistro food to the lines of hungry office workers (often 30-deep) outside the trailer’s service window.