Mixologist Josh Harris of Trick Dog - Biography

San Francisco, California

May 2013

Born and raised in San Francisco, Josh Harris got his start behind the bar, working shifts as an underage barback during his first college summer break. The bar life stuck, and after graduating from the University of San Francisco, Harris pursued his passion for hospitality, drinks, and restaurants, holding positions throughout San Francisco’s restaurant scene, including stints at Ana Mandara, Postrio, Palmetto, and Pier 23.

On the way to discovering his calling as a bartender, Bay Area native Scott Baird dabbled in other creative ventures—floral design, acting, and cooking, just to name a few. But after picking up a bar shift, Baird realized his true passion lay behind the bar. He continued his mixology schooling at Cesar's and Coco500.

In 2008, Baird partnered with the original owners of 15 Romolo to bring life back to a dying bar. He soon met Harris and the two revamped the Romolo menu, helping to earn it a spot on Esquire’s 2010 “Best Bars in America” list. The duo also co-founded The Bon Vivants in 2009, a nationally recognized consulting company through which they have created cocktail programs for bars and restaurants on both coasts. In 2013, The Bon Vivants opened their highly anticipated bar, Trick Dog, in San Francisco, and the team is currently working to open General Beverage Co., a retail shop selling a wide array of beverage-related items.