Josh Beckerman of Foodie Magician - Biography


September 2013

If you’ve been out on the town in New York City, there’s a high possibility you’ve encountered Josh Beckerman, the “Foodie Magician,” plying his craft tableside as he follows his dual mystical and culinary passions from restaurant to restaurant. But Beckerman wasn’t always hopscotching around the best of the New York dining world, entertaining diners and chefs alike with magic tricks and/or digging into the latest restaurant opening with the gusto of a food critic. In fact, he actually got his start entertaining the masses at the tender age of 4, discovering a talent for verbal dexterity and slight-of-hand at an early age, not to mention a serious penchant for good food. He’s been working, and eating, his way up ever since.

Now an established, if unexpected, New York food scene fixture, Beckerman works professionally as a magician in a variety of outlets. He regularly performs at corporate events, private parties, charity events, and, of course, restaurants in New York and around the world. And card tricks aren’t the only thing on the menu. Beckerman combines his quick hands with intuitive skills, doing close-up magic and mind-reading, underscoring it all with a constant emphasis on humor—and inevitable references to food. (According to a recent New York Times article, one of his specialties is figuring out a diner’s favorite restaurant.)

When he isn’t performing his way around the restaurant or events circuit, Beckerman regularly updates his website,, coalescing the experiences (magical and culinary) of his regular restaurant outings. The site features reviews and regular coverage of restaurant openings, chef movements, and his own most recent exploits in magic, as when he brought a platter of lobster rolls to a recent episode of NBC’s “The Today Show,” having (correctly) predicted an anchor’s favorite dish.