Rising Star Chef Jonah Oakden of The Blue Plate - Biography

San Francisco, CA

November 2011

With an organic apple farming father and an uncle that founded Santa Cruz’s famous Outstanding in the Field dinners, 2007 San Francisco Rising Star Chef Jonah Oakden’s low-key and modest about his culinary pedigree. Under the mentorship of Cory Obenour, Oakden has become the chef de cuisine at The Blue Plate. It’s not the vintage skateboards on the wall, the alluring green patio with beautiful flowers guarding their hallucinogenic pollen, or the Black Sabbath playing in the background that draws most of San Francisco’s industry folk in. It’s Oakden’s well-executed, well-seasoned modern American dishes that are hearty and unpretentious with a focus on proper technique and an obvious love for seasonal product. Oakden’s most recent interest is in bringing back American charcuterie like pastrami, a technique he spent months working on before arriving at what tastes like the Platonic ideal of pastrami: lightly smoky, tender, and bright with flavor.