Chef Joe Mizzoni of The Brasserie - Biography

George Town, Grand Cayman

March 2014

Even before graduating from culinary school, Joe Mizzoni dug into the trenches of fine dining with stints at l’Orangerie and Patina in Los Angeles, California. And during his time at the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, he devoted much of his time to stages and work in some of Manhattan’s top kitchens.   

Culinary school degree in hand, Mizzoni further refined his skills at the Greenbrier Resort, before joining the opening management team of Alfred Portale’s Gotham Steak at Miami’s Fountainebleau Hotel. Fully embracing the Florida sunshine and culinary scene, Mizzoni earned a spot on the management team of Dean Max’s DJM Inc. Working with Max as an executive sous chef, Mizzoni deepened his devotion to farm-to-table cuisine and played an integral part in making 3030 Ocean a destination restaurant.

When a position became available at the Brasserie on Grand Cayman, Mizzoni jumped at the chance to head up their culinary team. Continuing his farm-to-table approach, Mizzoni now explores the flavors and native products of the Cayman Islands and their surrounding waters.