Chef Jessica Goryl of Coolhaus - Biography

New York, NY

May 2012

Jessica Goryl grew up in northern Virginia surrounded by family and food. Her early memories of making apple butter from the fruits of her grandfather’s farm and at bread pudding bake-offs with her uncle sowed the first inspiring seeds for her creative desserts. Goryl made her way to the culinary world after graduating from William & Mary and working in the corporate sector until her mid-twenties. Through stints at Boston’s Grill 23 & Bar, Cambridge’s Harvest Restaurant, and Bob Kinkead’s Sibling Rivalry, she developed her culinary style, learning the importance of seasonality and relationships with local growers and distributors.

After relocating to Orange County California, Goryl worked as pastry chef in a number of esteemed kitchens, including Bayside, Bistango, Kimera, and Café del Rey. In 2008, she joined Laurent Tourondel’s BLT Steak in Los Angeles as pastry chef, where she practiced redefining classic desserts and discovered her interest in unconventional ice creams. In early 2011, Goryl met fellow ice-cream enthusiasts Natasha Case and Freya Estreller of Coolhaus, becoming the executive chef for the team. Coolhaus operates gourmet ice cream sandwich trucks in four cities, has launched a storefront in Culver City, CA, and is developing a line of sweets for the retail market.