Chef Jesse Mallgren of Madrona Manor - Biography

Healdsburg, CA

October 2011

Jesse Mallgren feels entirely at home in his role as executive chef of Madrona Manor, where he has free reign of both the culinary program and organic garden that belongs to the Healdsburg, CA, restaurant. The San Francisco native takes full advantage of his freedom, serving creative New American cuisine based on classic French foundations and seasonal ingredients from Sonoma County.

The son of a professional folkloric storyteller, Mallgren grew up listening to his mother’s stories and eating the regional foods she prepared to reflect each tale’s culture and people. At an early age, Mallgren already found himself seduced by the exotic flavors and global influences that leapt from his mother’s dishes.

After taking his first job as a dishwasher, Mallgren learned to cook and perfect his culinary skills alongside some of the country’s most esteemed chefs. It was while working under Chef Gary Danko at Chateau Souverain, in Geyserville, CA, that Mallgren became familiar with wine pairing; and his time with Jeremiah Tower at San Francisco’s Stars gave him the confidence to experiment and lean more towards innovation in the kitchen. Before taking over Madrona Manor in 1999, Mallgren also received acclaim as the chef de cuisine at Syzygy, located in Aspen, CO.