Mixologist Jeremy Strawn of Mulberry Project - Biography

New York, NY

August 2011

Before a life pouring delicious mixed drinks, Jeremy Strawn studied philosophy. And as he puts it, his chosen field of study “guaranteed I would either become a bartender, or the guy selling roses on the freeway...” He chose bartending, and made the move from Texas to New York City. Once in the Big Apple, Strawn started working in “all the New York nightclubs, just throwing out bum juice as fast as I could pour it.” At Backroom, Strawn met Alex Day, who was impressed with Strawn’s bar skills (if not the final product). He offered Strawn his mentorship, and thus Strawn began to acquire a serious education behind the bar.

Since then, he’s worked with Matty Gee of Milk & Honey, Jim Kearns of Mayahuel and Rye House, Cory Mason of Freemans and Smith and Mills, and Jason Litrell of Death and Co. and Dram. With his newfound knowledge, Strawn began leading his own cocktail programs at Bistrot Bagatelle, The Standard Hotel, Trump Hotels, MPD, One Group, and Day and Night.

Along the way, Strawn grew to understand that the guest experience is the cornerstone to the talent of any mixologist. This year, Strawn and business partner Nick Boccio opened Mulberry Project in New York's Little Italy, with an emphasis on meeting guests' expectations through a skilfuly crafted cocktail.