Chef Jeffrey Savage of On the Marsh - Biography

Kennebunk, ME

August 2013

Executive Chef Jeffrey Savage, the creative force behind the European country cuisine at
On the Marsh
bistro in coastal Kennebunkport, Maine, has been on the staff since 2005. It is from his mom, who was a baker that he has inherited his passion for the kitchen. At 14, he worked at a friend’s pizza place but did not think about working in the industry seriously until after he graduated with a degree in Economics. Savage has strived to continually reinvent himself and the menu with ever-changing ingredients at the bistro reflects his aptitude for presenting local ingredients in their most flattering light. For Savage, who was mentored by Chef Sam Haywood at Fore Street Restaurant in Portland, building long term relationships with local farmers, fishermen, and suppliers, has been his priority and plays a key role in ensuring quality in his kitchen. Savage also offers culinary classes, themed nights, and in-kitchen dining to special guests regularly and he manages a certified green kitchen at On the Marsh.