Chef Jason Bond of Bondir - Biography

Cambridge, MA

February 2012

Growing up with a family of ranchers first in Wyoming and then in Kansas, Jason Bond forged an early link to farming and the harvest. Not only did that exposure engender a Bond’s “root cellar” style of cooking, but it also put him in close contact with the natural rhythms that dictate seasonality.

After studying charcuterie in Paris, Bond returned to the United States, spending time at No. 9 Park in Boston and at the Inn at Little Washington in Virginia, where before his shifts he would pick watercress and other herbs in the restaurant’s garden. After five years as chef of Boston’s Beacon Hill Bistro, Bond was finally ready for his own restaurant, Bondir, a small, farmhouse-style restaurant, which opened its doors in 2010.

It’s there that Bond showcases his philosophy of quality and lineage of product, preparing a menu of dishes with as much story as savor. It’s an easy feat for Bond, as he’s built solid relationships with farms 20 minutes away and with local fishermen (who text him each morning with their fresh catch). In his quest to further combine traditional and modern culinary techniques, Bond has also worked with Harvard University to develop recipes for their Science and Cooking class. In 2012, he was nominated for as a James Beard Foundation “Best Chef, Northeast.”