Chef Isaiah Billington of Woodberry Kitchen - Biography

Baltimore, MD

September 2010

Isaiah Billington wasn’t raised by the gastronomically gifted, nor did he spend his nights making homemade pasta or blueberry pies as a kid. And before embarking on a culinary path, Billington attended the American University’s School of International Service. But jaded by the socioeconomic development industry, Billington sought more certain fulfillment in food. He took his first kitchen job under Chef Nancy Longo at Baltimore’s Pierpoint Restaurant, where he adapted her pared-down approach to classic Maryland cuisine. At his next post under Chef Sonny Sweetman at Abacrombie Fine Foods and Accommodations, Billington, aptly, discovered his passion for pastry. When Sweetman sold the restaurant, Billington joined the team at Woodberry Kitchen under Chef Spike Gjerde. Billington, a 2010 Rising Star Pastry Chef, quickly took to the culture of the restaurant, where the farm-to-table influence goes well beyond gimmick or gesture. And Billington’s sweet Maryland-centric creations have cemented him as not only a Baltimore culinary star but a leader among locavore pastry chefs.