Chef Hung Huynh of The General - Biography

New York, NY

August 2013

Chef Hung Huynh was born in Vietnam to a Vietnamese father and Chinese mother. But Huynh and his siblings were raised, for the most part, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where his parents own Kim’s Dragon Restaurant. He grew up eating the food of both cultures, as well as typical American fare.
At 19 Huynh said so long to Pittsfield and moved to Puerto Rico to satisfy his wanderlust, to learn, and to cook. He landed a job as a teppanyaki cook at a Japanese-style restaurant, where he quickly picked up the grill technique, the Spanish language, and kept quiet during service so as to fake the image of a true Japanese chef. He gained valuable life and professional experience and managed to save enough money to return to the States and attend the Culinary Institute of America.
For Huynh, culinary school was well worth the investment and post-graduation he eventually worked his way to the executive sous chef position at Guy Savoy in Las Vegas. Then came the big show: “Top Chef.” Huynh won the hotly contested and watched competition in season three, launching his career from Vegas into the stratosphere. Huynh has opened two restaurants in New York with the juggernaut EMM group, The General and Catch, and most recently, Catch Miami.