Chef Holly Jivin of The Bazaar by José Andrés - Biography

Los Angeles, CA

July 2014

A native of Savannah, Georgia, Holly Jivin got into cooking for the same reason so many do: to watch a person’s eyes light up when they taste something new, interesting, and undeniably delicious. Today she’s lighting up eyes with her modernist, tapas inspired dishes at The Bazaar by José Andrés inside the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills.

Way before arriving in Beverly Hills, Jivin, uninspired by the conventional life choices that laid before her—lawyer, doctor, etc.—enrolled at The Art Insitute of Atlanta, where she worked her way through school cooking. When she moved to Los Angeles in 2008, Jivin immediately began to work her way up the ranks at Bazaar, mentored by such chefs as Andrés, Aithor Zabala, and Michael Voltaggio. On her way to becoming chef de cuisine, she earned the head chef position at Saam, the tasting room inside The Bazaar. At Saam she delved deep into the molecular, adhering to the mantra of her first mentor in the culinary world, Chef Kaui Stryhn: “Patience. Perfection. Humility.” Her mission at The Bazaar is to keep the food relevant while placing her personal stamp on the menu and to maintain the tapas bar’s status as an L.A. staple.

Jivin’s driving force is curiosity. Listing a desire to discover unknown ingredients and master unfamiliar techniques as her primary inspiration, she pulls flavors from as far away as Southeast Asia to compliment the restaurant’s Spanish cuisine. Jivin’s curiosity has served her well, ushering her to the forefront of the L.A. food scene.