Pastry Chef Greg Mosko of North Pond - Biography

Chicago, IL

January 2011

Greg Mosko is a young, hungry pastry chef with some serious experience under his belt. He graduated Kendall College’s School of Culinary Arts before attending The French Pastry School in Chicago, where he received tutelage from leading Pastry Chefs Sebastien Canonne, Jacquy Pfeiffer and John Kraus. Upon graduation, Mosko went on to work locally, garnering experience in Chicago area pastry kitchens like Zealous, Parker’s Ocean Grill, and North Pond in 2006, before moving out to California.

Mosko continued his pastry training in the Golden State as a pastry cook at both Bouchon Bakery and Cavallo Point Resort with Chef Ethan Howard, and also at The French Laundry under Chef Claire Clark. There, Mosko worked for a year on dinner service, candies, and confections. Mosko had one more posting at The Lodge at the Golden Gate in Sausalito through the end of 2008 before returning to Chicago.

He returned to North Pond, where he has since been leading the pastry department. At North Pond, Mosko creates sophisticated desserts that balance naturalism with a clean modern aesthetic, and while he readily admits “I’m still learning,” he also already earned one of our Top Ten Pastry Dishes of 2010, meaning he’s only going to get much, much better.