Chef Ginevra Iverson of Restaurant Eloise - Biography

Sonoma , Sonoma

October 2011

A whirlwind romance and culinary bond took Chefs Ginevra Iverson and Eric Korsh from behind the burners of New York City’s Picholine restaurant (where they met) to the rolling hills of California’s Sonoma County. Despite the tumultuous economy, in July 2008 the couple decided to take the plunge and open Restaurant Eloise, a 60-seat eatery in Sebastopol, CA. The couple’s restaurant offers an elegant farmhouse menu that features fresh produce from the raised garden beds built out back. Relying on seasonal ingredients and paying homage to traditional French techniques, Iverson and Korsh have attracted local foodies with their unusual delicacies, such as veal tongue and head cheese, along with their star dish, a bone marrow appetizer.

A California-native, Iverson attended the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco before accepting an internship at Left Bank in Larkspur, CA. After a brief detour studying food science at the University of California at Davis and learning French in Paris, Iverson, whose roots are part-Norwegian, part-Italian, moved to New York City to pursue a culinary career. It was there she met Korsh, who took a somewhat different route to the kitchen. Originally from Long Island, NY, Korsh worked as a line cook at a local diner during his teen years. Following his college graduation, he cooked in Boston before landing a job at Picholine and pursuing a culinary career in New York City.