Chef George Marsh of Woodberry Kitchen - Biography

Baltimore, MD

August 2011
An El Paso, Texas, native whose childhood took him from New Mexico to Japan, George Marsh had a diversified culinary childhood. And while he moved to Alabama in 2000 to study Industrial Design at Auburn University, Marsh found himself enjoying his side jobs—in restaurant kitchens—more than his chosen major, so he packed up and moved to Baltimore to study cooking. While attending culinary school, Marsh took a job at the Maryland Club, where he first learned the art of whole animal butchery. A line cook position at Salt in Butcher Hill was followed by a step up to sous chef at IXIA in Mt. Vernon. But it’s his role as chef de cuisine at Spike Gjerde’s Woodberry Kitchen that allows Marsh to pursue his passions, continuing his early training in nose-to-tail butchery with local, pasture-raised livestock and exemplary seasonal produce.