Chef Gabriel Bremer of Salts - Biography

Cambridge, MA

September 2010

Gabriel Bremer trained as a classical percussionist; as a young musician, he looked to the restaurant industry to support his musical aspirations. At the age of eighteen he began his cooking career in earnest, working under James Beard award-winning chef Sam Hayward at Fore Street restaurant in Portland, Maine.

Bremer went on to open his own short-lived restaurant, Gabriel’s, in Portland, Maine, and then moved to Boston in 2000 to become sous chef under another James Beard award-winning chef, Jody Adams, at Rialto.

Bremer opened Salts in March, 2004, with his fiancée, Analia Verolo, a veteran server at Fore Street and at Hamersley’s Bistro in Boston. At Salts, located in Central Square in Cambridge, Gabriel focuses completely on his customers, a combination of neighborhood dwellers and sophisticated out-of-towners who seek out the finest restaurants all over the world. Greatly influenced by chefs like Michel Bras and Ferrán Adrià, Gabriel’s cuisine at Salts pushes the borders of contemporary dining, but it is always based on familiar and comforting flavors.