Chef Fredrik Andersson of Mistral - Biography

Enskededalen , Sweden

March 2011

Fredrik Andersson is not one to consider himself part of a trend—or even necessarily “Nordic.” Like many chefs driven by passion, Andersson simply cooks what his heart dictates. It’s only a coincidence that what Andersson’s heart dictates—cooking with fresh, hyper-seasonal, hyper-local product—puts him categorically in line with the young, idealistic vanguard of Nordic chefs.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, the 33-year-old Andersson worked at both the Hotel Gasslingen and Hotel Borgholm with Karin Fransson, one of Sweden’s premiere female chefs, before becoming chef and co-owner of Mistral. Originally located in Stockholm, Mistral has allowed Andersson’s culinary perspective to evolve to its fullest and purest expressions. The result is cuisine that is both emphatically naturalistic and “of the moment,” with dishes that visually echo the haphazard beauty of micro-seasonal terrain.

Andersson is so inspired by the identity of local, seasonal cuisine that he recently moved Mistral to a suburb outside of Stockholm. In Enskededalen, the restaurant’s quieter new home, the chef has traded urban foot traffic for more immediate contact with product (products like pine oil, lingonberries, and yarrow), enabling him to build his pantry around a day in the week, or even an hour in the day, rather than a month or season.