Francis Lam of - Biography

New York, NY

August 2010

When he finally did it, Francis Lam decided he would get three tattoos, one for each of the things most important in his world: food, art, and love. "But what about politics? What about justice?" he later fretted. "My politics all come out of love," a friend told him. And so he stuck to the three tattoo plan. And it suits him, as Lam’s prolific contributions to the world of food writing continue to seamlessly combine all three.

Even outside of the food world, Lam has a lot of love to share; he’s worked with nonprofit organizations, and taught writing and literature to students in the woods—most likely not as a writing coach for the angry scribblings of teen wickans. A graduate of the University of Michigan and The Culinary Institute of America, Lam eventually became a contributing editor at Gourmet magazine (RIP), wrote a weekly column at, and is a frequent contributor to the Financial Times. His work has also appeared in Wine and Spirits, Manhattan, and in the 2006 through 2009 editions of Best Food Writing.

Lam is now paper-free as an editor at, where he declaims with equal fervor on topics as diverse as the dearth of credibility in professional restaurant criticism and how to capture the fleeting glory of a ripe, juicy cantaloupe.