Chef Fabrizio Carro of Quattro Gastronomia Italiana - Biography

Miami Beach, FL

May 2011

Chef Fabrizio Carro and his chef brother Nicola are identical twins from Alessandria in the Piedmont region of Italy. The brothers graduated with a degree in food and hospitality management in 1992, and afterward, Fabrizio began working as an assistant chef at Rovinda & Signorelli Catering Co. He also has worked as an executive chef at Ristorante Golf Club Des Ues Borrome and Ristorante Rapanello Lake Maggiore, and he’s held posts at Ristorante Beach Boys and the L´Ocean Village Club in Kenya, as well as serving in the Italian military. At the moment, Nicola and Fabrizio cook together at Quattro Gastronomia Italiana and Sosta Pizzeria Enoteca, where the brothers have created authentic Italian restaurants and gastronomic oasis at the heart of Miami Beach.