Rising Star Chef Evan Hanczor of Parish Hall - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

April 2013

Although Evan Hanczor never envisioned becoming a chef, food played a pivotal role in his childhood and early adult life. He spent summers strawberry picking and cooking with his family in Florida and experienced the agricultural abundance of a new home in Redding, Connecticut. And when he set off for college, he chose gastronomically rich New Orleans and Tulane University, where he pursued studies in English and philosophy.

His first foray into cooking began at Ye Olde College Inn—a job to pay bills and nothing more. It was only after graduating and moving back to Connecticut that Hanczor started formulating a future in food. Skipping out on culinary school, he took a position at The Dressing Room in Westport, where he developed passion for the industry and a foundation of technique.

Hanczor made a bold move to New York City in 2009, working at Locanda Verde before nabbing a spot at Brooklyn’s Egg. Two years spent with Egg’s owner—North Carolina native George Weld—exposed him to the bounty of Southern cooking, a style he soon mastered.

In 2012, Weld and Hanczor developed a new project, Parish Hall, where the menu focuses on Northeastern regional cuisine—and the Northeastern community. Hanczor and his team design their menu with a holistic approach to sustainability, taking into account farm labor, community building, local agriculture, environmental responsibility, and staffing. In 2013, Hanczor was named 2013 StarChefs.com Rising Star Sustainability Chef.