Rising Star Chef Eric Klein of Spago Las Vegas - Biography

Las Vegas, NV

November 2011

2005 Las Vegas Rising Star Chef Eric Klein is the former Executive Chef of Maple Drive in Beverly Hills, a restaurant that received numerous industry honors with Klein at its helm. He joined Wynn Las Vegas as the Executive Chef of SW, the resort’s signature steakhouse, where his goal was to make every guest feel like a member of the restaurant family and to move beyond classic steakhouse fare by adding an intriguing Alsatian element to the menu.

When it comes to food, the chef is a purist, and with every dish he aims to enhance the true flavors of superior ingredients and to imbue his menu with real personality. Prior to Maple Drive, Klein spent seven years as sous chef of Spago Beverly Hills, working alongside Wolfgang Puck and Lee Hefter, providing strong leadership and support to the team as he rose swiftly through the ranks.

Growing up on his family’s cattle farm in Alsace, France, Klein learned to appreciate the simple things in life, and these early lessons now serve as inspiration for his signature style of cuisine. Klein received his culinary diploma in 1991, after two separate apprenticeships at Les Iris (formerly Auberge de Thierenbach) and La Petite Auberge. Next, he took a Commis de Cuisine position at Schillinger, the legendary Alsatian restaurant, and then went on to become an officer’s chef in the French Military. He spent his last three years in Europe, working in Germany, as the sous chef of Holzschope Gasthaus, a restaurant owned by the Röckenwagner family.

After arriving in America in 1995, Klein found his home in Wolfgang Puck’s kitchens, including Chinois and ObaChine, both located in Los Angeles, until finally settling in at Spago Beverly Hills. Today he can be found at Spago Las Vegas.