Chef Ed Levine of Serious Eats - Biography

New York, NY

August 2010

Ed Levine has been obsessed with the same three things—food, music, and sports—since he was 12 years old. When an overzealous series of curveballs ended his physical viability for sports, Levine went into the jazz and pop music business for years before turning his attention fully—and definitively—to his other love, food. Publishing his first book in 1992, New York Eats, Levine was surprised to find himself a respected and sought after authority in the food world.

Not only did Levine earn instant cachet as a food writer, he plied his new trade among some of the top outlets in New York. He’s contributed to the New York Times, GQ, and BusinessWeek, among others. But it’s his writing at his own creation,, that solidifies and most aptly characterizes Levine’s voice in food writing. At heart, Levine is a democratic eater, a guy with as much passion for pizza as any esoteric or indulgent dish. And SeriousEats allows him to chronicle his experiences as part of a larger multi-media mosaic of food topics.

With several more books under his belt, including Pizza: A Slice of Heaven and two chef-collaborations, The Young Man and the Sea (with Chef Dave Pasternack) and Tom’s Big Dinners (with Chef Tom Douglas), Levine has carved a sizeable shelf for himself in the culinary library. And as SeriousEats continues to expand, Levine—whom Ruth Reichl called the “Missionary of Delicious”—will likely continue to proselytize and preach the good word in food.