Rising Star Chef Drew Van Leuvan of ONE. midtown kitchen - Biography

Atlanta, GA

November 2011

2007 Rising Star Chef Drew Van Leuvan has some serious experience under his belt. His young face belies years spent working under some of the most established chefs in the country–Guenter Seeger, Joel Antunes, and Jean-Louis Palladin—and his cuisine reflects those myriad experiences. Van Leuvan began cooking at age 14 as a way to earn some extra money after school. He then went to the Culinary Institute of America, ultimately spending his 8-month externship working at Palladin. In Atlanta he spent time with local chefs Guenter Seeger and Joel Antunes, plus Mark Dommen, Tom Catherall and Michael Tuohy, before opening Toast in 2005 and running the kitchen at Spice. He was the opening chef of SAGA in 2006; after the restaurant closed he joined Concentric Restaurant group, and opened a number of their restaurants around the city–first TAP, a gastropub in midtown, and then Room at the new TWELVE property downtown. He's currently the Chef at One Midtown Kitchen.