Doug Piper - Biography

July 2011

Master Butcher Doug Piper more than earned the “master” part of his title. In over three decades in the industry, Piper has done everything meat. From owning and managing retail butcher stores, overseeing the meat department for a large retail chain, and working behind the scenes in wholesale and processing to strategizing business development and holding master classes for chefs and foodservice professionals, Piper has done it all. Nowadays, Piper brings his expertise to managing state marketing business development for the red meat industry of Sydney.

Piper first joined Meat & Livestock Australia in 2007 as Domestic Marketing Retail Executive, where he networks with retailers, cultivates relationships, and encourages butchers to promote red meat (the company line includes beef, lamb, and goat, distributed domestically and internationally). In 2009, Piper was promoted to Business Development Manager, bringing his extensive skills and business savvy to focused outreach to retail and food service. Piper and his team oversee workshops on carcass utilization, meat appreciation, and educational “paddock to plate” tours for chefs and butchers. He also participates in Department of Primary Industry forums and provides butchery demonstrates at the annual Royal Agricultural Show.

For anyone who can’t get out to the paddock, Piper shares his meat mastery—the different types of cuts and what cooking applications they’re best suited to—with contestants on Australian Masterchef TV. And he recently developed an educational and interactive DVD for both butchers and chefs (soon to be distributed through Meat & Livestock Australia), meaning Piper can put aside his mastery every now and then to go fishing, watch cricket, and spend time with his family.