Chef Diego Muñoz Velasquez of Astrid y Gastón - Biography

Lima, Peru

August 2014

Son of an ancient culinary culture now burgeoning as a leader in modern cuisine, Diego Muñoz Velasquez left Peru behind 15 years ago to hone his craft in some of the best kitchens of the world. Charting a course from one icon to another, Muñoz went from the kitchen of El Bulli to Mugaritz in Spain. He then worked with Pascal Barbot, as well as at the Grand Vefour in Paris,  before hopping the pond to Canada and from there, leaping to Bilson’s in Sydney. Several continents under his belt, several seas crossed, several cuisines experienced, Muñoz was ready to return home to the land that first fed him.

Once back in Lima, Muñoz became Chef Gaston Acurio’s right-hand man at Astrid y Gastón just before the restaurant reached 42 on San Pellgrino’s “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list. Today, with Muñoz at its helm, Astrid y Gastón is ranked 18 in the world and number one in Latin America. Always keen to balance Peru’s Incan heritage and local ingredients with his own creative visions, Muñoz recently helped Acurio expand the restaurant into the multi-faceted Casa Moreyra, which combines a casual bar/restaurant, event space, botanic garden, research and development facility, and more. And while such multi-platform spaces are popping up along the forefront of modern cuisine, it’s restaurants like Astrid y Gastón, and visionary chefs like Muñoz, who remain at the heart of the proceedings.