Vintner Derek Mossman of MOVI Chile (Movement for Independent Vintners) - Biography

Santiago, Chile

May 2011

Derek Mossman, co-owner of Garage Wine Company in the Upper Maipo region of Chile, and co-founder of the Movement of Independent Vintners (MOVI), is a Canadian expat and ex-ski coach who discovered Chile by chance. The team usually trained in New Zealand, but when snowfall fell behind schedule, they were redirected to Portillo, Chile "Mother Nature just didn't want me to make Sauv Blanc!" says Mossman.

After a decade spent growing his own creative agency, and working for agencies promoting Chilean wine and travel, Derek decided that the wine business needed a lift from the ground up. With a passion for Chile’s wine potential, Mossman dedicated himself to bringing wines to the table with narratives behind them, made on a human scale.

Mossman became personally involved in winemaking, staining his own hands and crafting small lots with fruit in the far corners of Chile, where people still drive horses. He left his agency, and with his wife and a friend (a scientist with a Ph.D. in wine tannins), he converted the family hobby of producing a half dozen barrels in the garage into a business thereafter known as the Garage Wine Company. The fruits of their labor are threefold: a mountain grown Cabernet blend and a Cabernet Franc, both grown in the Alto Maipo region at almost 1,000 meters above sea level. The Garage Wine Company also produces a dry-farmed, old-vine single varietal Carignan in the Maule D.O. from the Sausal and Caliboro growing areas.

Mossman is a proud founding member of MOVI Chile, and the nascent Carignan producers group called Vignadores de Carignan. After 11 vintages he still makes small lots, paints labels on the bottles and waxes their necks. Today Garage Wine exports to the UK, Denmark, Brazil, and Canada and is available in the United States through South American Wine Group.