Chef Deepak Kaul of Serpentine - Biography

San Francisco, CA

September 2010

Deepak Kaul came to restaurants by way of medicine: a pre-med program at Boston University that taught him he was better with his hands than with the piles of medical textbooks. Kaul's family is from Kashmir, so his personal culinary background is one of complex, layered flavors, the result of freshly ground and toasted spice blends. "Spice is a big part of our food," says Kaul. But his culinary mentors span the gamut from Traci Des Jardins to Steven Johnson and Douglas Keane. When Kaul left the medical track, he went into the culinary world with full force. In addition to his four months stage at Union Pacific Restaurant, Kaul has worked years in the kitchens of Jardinière, Rendezvous Central Square, and Nettie's Crab Shack, before ending up at Serpentine. There, Kaul is known for using San Francisco's fresh, local ingredients and his own intuitive sense for spices to create sophisticated, global cuisine for a rapt and happy audience.