Chef Deanie Hickox-Fox of Ubuntu - Biography

Napa, CA

October 2011

Deanie Hickox-Fox discovered her affinity for the kitchen early on: Growing up in California’s Silicon Valley, while others her age threw parties, she’d invite friends over for home-cooked dinners when her folks went out of town. Following her high school graduation, Hickox-Fox began a short-lived career outside of the kitchen until enrolling at San Francisco’s California Culinary Academy to pursue her dream of becoming a pastry chef. During her last few months as a student, Hickox-Fox worked at Rubicon, in San Francisco, where she met her future husband, work colleague and fellow Rising Star Award winner, Jeremy Fox. Both chefs took positions at Manresa, in Los Gatos, CA, where Hickox-Fox began working just one day a week under mentor David Kinch, eventually climbing the ladder to pastry chef. Hickox-Fox credits Kinch as her greatest influence and claims it was he who pushed her to experiment within the pastry realm.

Now both Hickox-Fox and her husband work at Ubuntu in Napa Valley—Hickox-Fox as pasty chef and her husband, Jeremy, as executive chef. In line with Ubuntu’s creative all-vegetable fare, Hickox-Fox specializes in layering complex flavors and textures to reinvent the seasonal produce that comes directly from the restaurant’s own biodynamic garden. Some of her favorite flavor combinations include peach with basil and blueberries with chamomile, while her more playful desserts take diners back to their youths with surprising plays on childhood food memories.