Chef David Féau of The Royce - Biography

Pasadena, California

December 2010

Chef David Féau grew up in the kitchen cooking with his mother in France. His father farmed throughout the year, which enabled David to be constantly surrounded by fresh produce. He picked and prepared his own vegetables throughout his childhood, and it gave him a sense of purpose and excitement to be able to till the land and create something nourishing to set on the table each night. Today, Chef Féau's inspiration comes from each day's fresh produce and the endless possibilities of what he can create.

Chef Féau earned his degree in classic cuisine at L'Ecole Hotelière, Hélène Boucher, in his hometown of Le Mans, France. After honing his culinary and managerial skills under the guidance of famed chef Guy Savoy in Paris, Chef Savoy tapped Féau to be the executive chef at his Bistrot de L'Etoile in an effort to reinvigorate the restaurant. Within the year of Féau taking over the kitchen, the restaurant was named Best Bistro in Paris by Magazine Capital. Later, he served as Executive Chef of Le Miravile, one Michelin Star rated restaurant in Paris, and was named one of the Six Best Chefs in France Under 30 Years Old by Le Chef Magazine.

After his success in Paris, Chef Féau made his way to New York in 2001 to take over the kitchen in one of the city's longtime favorites, Lutèce. His creativity and attention to detail earned Lutèce four stars by both Mobil and Forbes Magazine. After revitalizing the flagship restaurant in New York, Féau spearheaded the development of the sister restaurant in Las Vegas, earning that location its own four star rating by Mobil, and was named Chef of the Year in 2003 by Taste of Vegas.

In 2006, he joined the renowned Patina Group as Executive Chef for Café Pinot, bringing his vision of spa cuisine to downtown Los Angeles. After a year he became Corporate Executive Chef of Patina Restaurant Group, overseeing the west coast culinary programs for the annual UBS seminar at Pebble Beach, the International Book Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the Governor's Ball at the Emmy Awards.

Today at The Royce, Chef Féau's celebrated style is described as "New American Cuisine" featuring modern interpretations of classic dishes. The menu is comprised of lighter California fare prepared with the classic French influences and refined technique, emphasizing fresh seasonal produce and the best quality products from around the world.