Chef David Bazirgan of Dirty Habit - Biography

San Francisco, CA

July 2014

David Bazirgan is known for his work on western shores, helming Fifth Floor and, now, Dirty Habit, both in San Francisco. But Bazirgan got his start on the East Coast. With classically humble beginnings, washing dishes in his hometown of Newburyport, Massachusetts, Bazirgan went on to study French technique at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in Boston.

After graduating, Bazirgan worked through a number of renowned Boston area restaurants, including Stan Frankenthaler’s Salamander and Todd English’s Olives Restaurant. But his most important Boston connection was Chef Barbara Lynch, who would become Bazirgan’s mentor. Lynch took note of Bazirgan’s drive, and connected him with his first job out of culinary school at the prestigious Galleria Italiana. And before moving to San Francisco in 2003, Bazirgan was chef de cuisine for Lynch at her restaurant No. 9 Park in Boston’s historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. As part of the opening team, he helped craft the first of their acclaimed seven- and nine-course tasting menus.

After his tenure under Lynch, Bazirgan was more than ready for the City by the Bay. Prior to Fifth Floor, where he earned three and a half stars from The San Francisco Chronicle, Bazirgan worked as executive chef at Chez Papa Resto at Mint Plaza (where he was a Rising Star) as well as at Jocelyn Bulow’s Baraka in Potrero Hill and Elisabeth Daniel in Jackson Square. And now, with the transformation of Fifth Floor into the edgy, bar-anchored, small-plates Dirty Habit, Bazirgan find himself unleashed from the constrictions of the tasting menus, able to let his creativity run free in a slightly more relaxed—but culinarily serious—context.