Mixologist Danielle Walker of Earth at Hidden Pond - Biography

Kennebunkport, ME

August 2013

Mixologist Danielle Walker’s creative process at Earth begins by looking at the garden and having its produce drive the cocktail list, just as the seasons drive the food menu. She took her love of pairing things, from her somm days of pairing food and wine and tried to apply the same concept to cocktails. The time she spent at Clio really helped her to streamline her ideas and see what would work and what might not.

A supporter of the York Conservation Movement, she believes in cultivating the right people, the right ingredients, and the right philosophy, even behind the bar. In 2012, she insisted on infusing everything in-house, even making bitters and grenadine herself. As a restaurant that pays tribute to the beauty and the bounty of coastal Maine, Kennebunkport’s Earth delivers in both style and taste.