Rising Star Daniel Riggins of Rev Coffee - Biography

Smyrna, GA

May 2012

Daniel Riggins is a seasoned vet in the coffee industry, but he’s the first one to tell you, he’s no master coffeeman, even though he’s been at it for 14 years. To him, the coffee world is a never-ending quest.

Riggins started his journey at Urban Coffee Bungalow in Atlanta, a very small café. From there he landed at Aurora Coffee, one of the first specialty coffee shops in Atlanta. Aurora sparked his passion in exceptional coffee and customer service. Batdorf and Bronson was his next home, where Riggins trained under and worked along side veteran roasters. After a handful of years with Batdorf, he decided to venture out and do his own thing, working for commercial roasters and non-profit roasters, all the while, honing in his craft and his art.

A year and a half ago, he arrived at Rev Coffee, burned from his last experience. With the support of the owner, Riggins has lead Rev’s charge into the specialty, exceptional coffee world. He heads the roasting department, manages the café, and works several shifts behind the bar a week.