Chef Dana Cree of Kadeau - Biography

Bornholm , Denmark

July 2010

A Seattle native, Dana Cree began her culinary career in 2000 by studying in the culinary and baking and pastry programs at The Art Institute of Seattle. Cree worked in the savory side of the kitchen for three years at Seattle’s Lampreia before turning to pastry. After stages at The Fat Duck in Bray, England (on the savory side) and wd˜50 in New York City (in pastry), Cree returned to Seattle to hold pastry chef positions at Eva and Veil.

Cree’s desserts at Veil were intricate and complex—everything you’d expect in a forward-thinking, fine-dining setting. And at Poppy, the casual, seasonal thali-plate restaurant from Chef Jerry Traunfield, Cree reworked her concepts to make them exciting, accessible, and entirely feasible for a high-volume setting. Cree left Seattle in 2010, and after a stage at Noma in Copenhagen, returned to the States to work at Alinea in Chicago. She has since returned to Denmark as the pastry chef at Kadeau restaurant on the island of Bornholm.

Cree was named “Best Pastry Chef on the Rise” in 2008 by Seattle Magazine and a 2009 Seattle Rising Star Pastry Chef, and she has been featured on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” and in Gourmet. Her own food writing can be found on her blog,, and has been published in The Guardian.