Craig Fass - Biography

June 2013

Craig Fass began his culinary career at age 15 when he took a job making salads to earn extra money and continued to work in kitchens while earning a degree in history. After college, he began work as a computer programming for Merril Lynch in New York, but quickly realized it wasn’t his true passion. He quit after a month to pursue cooking full-time and never looked back.

Fass began work at a country club in Northern New Jersey, where he spent three years, using his free time to take classes in English Literature as a graduate student. He then moved to Chicago where he found work at the critically acclaimed Green Dolphin Street. Soon after, he was hired as a sous chef at Bistro 110 where he was mentored by Chef Dominique Tougne. He then left to open his own restaurant, Menagerie, a 70-seat, casual-dining restaurant. Menagerie was named one of the top new restaurants in the city by Chicago Magazine and Bon Appetit.

With a new interest in barbecue, Fass re-opened his restaurant as Cooper’s, a restaurant that focused on great beer and simple, hand-crafted food. After several years Fass sold Cooper’s in 2007 and spent a year traveling. He then opened The Bad Apple in 2009, focusing on a craft beer inspired menu.