Chef Cleetus Friedman of Fountainhead - Biography

Chicago, Illinois

June 2013

Born into a Jewish family, Cleetus Friedman was born to cook and entertain. Raised by his mother, a baker and regular entertainer for family and friends, it was Karren Friedman who encouraged Cleetus to get a job at the age of 15.

Friedman started his career in the world of food and beverage as a busboy and never looked back. Spending time in everything from short order kitchens to full service and fine dining restaurants, Friedman surrounding himself with talented industry people. He developed his skills both in front and back of the house. Throughout college at the University of Maryland, Cleetus assisted in the growth of The Silver Diner by running the kitchen, front of the house, and implementing company wide training systems. In 1995 he moved to Chicago to develop catering programs for Spoonful, Caffe Baci, and Heaven on Seven.

In 2008, Cleetus opened City Provisions to connect the community with food. With a premier catering company, and the 2010 opening of his full service delicatessen, he became a trailblazer in supporting the local food movement. The 2010 Local Beet “Restaurant of the Year,” Chicago Magazine’s “Best Brunch,” and ChiTown on Tap’s “Food Industry Professional Doing Most For Craft Beer” are only a few of the many accolades Cleetus has received.

Cleetus now serves as executive chef of Fountainhead, where he has the opportunity to combine all of his passions for food and drink.

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