Rising Star Chef Chris Parsons of Catch Restaurant - Biography

Winchester, MA

November 2011

2009 Boston Rising Star Chef Chris Parsons takes his fish seriously. He’s a fourth generation fly fisherman and spent his childhood summers on Cape Cod catching a lot of fish. So, it’s no surprise that the focus of his first restaurant Catch is seafood and local produce.

Parsons and his partner and wife spent a year searching for the perfect location for their joint venture, which they found in Winchester, just north of Boston. Combining his love for fishing and food, Parsons focuses on forging relationships with his local fishermen and farmers so he can ensure the best product for his guests. He goes to great lengths to bring in top quality product; in fact, he can tell you where each piece of fish came from, when and where it was caught, and who caught it.

Prior to opening Catch—and when he wasn’t water-side with a fishing pole—Parsons attended Johnson & Wales and graduated with a culinary degree. He then headed west and settled in Boulder and Telluride in Colorado for several years, where he cooked and enjoyed the outdoors.

But his heart is on the East Coast, so Parsons returned to the Boston area. He worked in the kitchen of Rialto in Cambridge, and then moved to south to Manhattan. A sous chef position at Arizona 206 preceded his move to Cena, where he worked with Chef Normand Laprise of Toque! fame in Montreal. Parsons returned to Boston again, and opened Pravda 116 and then worked with fellow 2009 Boston Rising Star and friend Joanne Chang as chef of Flour.

Parsons opened Catch in September of 2003. He has visions of expanding the restaurant beyond its current 48 seats and small kitchen staff, but for now he’s happy to focus on making the restaurant the best it can be.