Rising Star Charlie Mustard of Jittery Joe's Coffee Roasting Co. - Biography

Atlanta, GA

May 2012

While writing his masters thesis at University of Georgia, Mustard frequented a Jittery Joe’s café in Athens and found that he did his most productive work while sipping a caffeinated brew. Around this time, the owners bought a Diedrich IR-12 commercial coffee roaster and needed someone to work the machine. Mustard went to the university's science library, looked up the mechanics, and decided he'd be interested in the job. And from there, Mustard never looked back. He puts tremendous heart into his product, from working intimately with coffee farmers to overseeing each batch of roasting. Despite a national distribution, the operation still manages canning needs by hand. In addition, Mustard works with many local restaurants, coffee establishments, and hotels to create unique blends and roasts that satisfies the specific needs of the customers.