Rising Star Chef Chad Weller of RUMI (Now Closed) - Biography

South Beach Miami, FL

June 2004

Rising Star Mixologist Chad Weller has always been interested in the restaurant business. After graduating from Ohio State University, he moved to Miami and joined the bar staff of Forge Restaurant as a bar back. After one week on the job, he was thrown behind the bar and cajoled into making drinks. Weller next spent two years at the glamorous watering hole in the Delano Hotel before moving over to Rumi Restaurant, where he has served as bar chef and manager, and won a 2004 StarChefs.com Risings Stars Mixologist Award.

Weller’s knowledge of mixology comes from his hands-on experience behind the bar. His creations take flight depending on his mood and customer requests, which tend toward the tropical given Rumi’s beach atmosphere. Weller’s favorite thing about being in the business, besides many a fun-filled night, are the lifelong friends he’s made along the way.