Chef Brian Young of Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar - Biography

Boston, MA

June 2013

Born in New Hampshire and raised in music city, Nashville, Tennessee, Brian Young knew that he wanted to be creative. He would lock himself up in his room for hours at a time, teaching himself the chords of Johnny Cash songs and writing song.  Soon, a music career was in the making. While on tour with his band, Brian realized that music was not his only outlet for creativity. When not touring, he was in Nashville’s kitchens, learning how to cook soul food.  It became clear to him that he had two loves, music and cooking, and it wasn’t long before Brian decided to retire the microphone and focus on food. 

Young enrolled in New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont, and then found the kitchen of Sierra Mar, of the prestigious Post Ranch Inn, where he honed French and Pan-Asian cooking techniques.  His next stop was when a position at Harvest Restaurant came calling, Brian quickly answered to join Chef Mary Dumont’s team.

As a line cook and eventually executive sous chef at Harvest, Brain continued to develop a New England’s farm to table cuisine.  Young now works as part of the Franklin Group and executive chef at Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar.