Chef Brandon Kida of Asiate - Biography

New York, NY

August 2010

Exposure to too many cuisine types might scare your average chef into one narrow pantry of ingredients. Not Brandon Kida. The son of a first generation Japanese-American father and a fourth generation Japanese mother, Kida was born into a melting pot of culinary traditions. Growing up in the patchwork ethnic diversity of Los Angeles, with a family life that revolved around cooking, Kida’s cultural and culinary perspectives were widened at a very early age. Whether he was tasting his mother’s freeform experiments with Italian and Mexican cuisine, savoring his Irish neighbor’s traditional shepherd’s pie, or helping his father with his meticulous preparations of nostalgic Japanese comfort food, Kida quickly discovered just how far the horizons of cuisine stretched.

In 2001, the aspiring chef brought this savor for diversity to The Culinary Institute of America, where he harnessed a hunger for variety with discipline, technique, and a focus he learned from his father. After graduating, Kida moved back home to the warmer shores of Los Angeles, where he perfected his craft at some of the city’s top restaurants such as L’Orangerie. From there, he returned to New York to work at the legendary Lutèce before joining the opening team at Asiate.

Working his way up the ranks to sous chef and eventually chef de cuisine in 2009, Kida has perfected his culinary expressions in the kitchen of Asiate. It is there that the chef’s elegant, eclectic palate has free reign to create signature dishes, like Buckwheat and Eggs and Butter-Poached Lobster with White Polenta, Hon Shimeji Mushrooms and Kaffir Emulsion, marrying diverse flavors and techniques with a grace of execution—and broadening culinary horizons in his own right.