Pastry Chef Bjoern Boettcher of Ciano - Biography

New York, NY

August 2011

A school field trip to a bakery in his native Germany was enough get 9-year-old Bjoern Boettcher hooked on baking and pastry. He came home from the field trip and started scouring his mother’s and grandmother’s recipes. After years of learning traditional Austrian pastry under their guidance, 13-year-old Boettcher spent three weeks in Hamburg’s Konditorei Rohde bakery to further his early career development. Although he recalls his bosses only letting him peel apples, Boettcher loved every minute of it. He would go on to do his apprenticeship there.

Since those humble early days, Boettcher has spent time at several grand hotel kitchens, a vastly different environment from what he had experienced in bakeries. A love of travel took him to hotels in Hamburg, Germany; St. Moritz, Switzerland; and Munich, Germany. But he longed to see the United States, so at 27 he started looking for work in New York City. Boettcher has now been in New York for 10 years, and is currently the pastry chef at Shea Gallante’s Ciano.