Sommelier Becky Swanson of Delfina - Biography

San Francisco, CA

October 2011

Becky Swanson developed an interest in wine while working as a server. Loving food and loving wine went hand in hand for Becky, who didn’t feel the need to go to school or take courses but learned on the job from mentors Jim Kennedy and Jeffrey Meisel. At Delfina, Becky creates unconventional food and wine matches to enhance both elements of the dining experience. Her matches are as gutsy as she is: with a grilled octopus and warm white bean salad, Becky pairs a Contini, Vernaccia di Oristano from 1985. It’s an unusual pick and a brilliant pairing, with a light sherry flavor and buttery mouth-feel. While Becky’s Italian-focused list is modest, at only two pages, it’s also reasonably-priced and full of quirky, unexpected picks.