Rising Star Chef Anthony Bombaci of Nana - Biography

Dallas, TX

November 2011

Anthony Bombaci was raised in Wisconsin and credits his grandfather for his interest in cooking with memories of him coming over to create pizzas from scratch using simple seasoning and fresh ingredients. Determined to make his mark in the culinary world, Bombaci enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, where he mastered the techniques of professional cooking and graduated in 1986. After graduation, Bombaci moved to Memphis working as sous chef at Restaurant Chez Philippe under Chef Jose Gutierrez. He later went to New York, where he became demi-chef de partie, Garde Manager and Entremetier at Restaurant La Adrienne in Hotel Maxim’s de Paris. Bombaci’s creativity and style flourished while consulting with two Michelin star Jacques Chiboise. Through extensive training and experimentation, Bombaci discovered his passion for classic French cuisine and went to work with Chef Jean Banchet at Restaurant Le Français. Yearning to work with distinctive flavors from around the world, Bombaci became chef de cuisine at the Lasalle Grill where he specialized in flavors of the Mediterranean using wood-burning ovens, grills and rotisseries.

After three years, Bombaci left to work under Chef Gary Danko as sous chef of The Dining Room in The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco. He left in 1995 for Barcelona to pursue his dream of developing an approach that would truly embody his personal cooking style. As chef de cuisine of Enoteca in The Hotel Arts, Bombaci specialized in creative Mediterranean cuisine, emphasizing the flavors of the Iberian Peninsula with high-concept technique.

At Nana, perched on the 27th floor of a hotel overlooking the Dallas cityscape, Bombaci is clearly a global player in the food world. His stunning, artistic presentations at Nana promise a lot and deliver even more with their balanced flavors and textures. Bombaci’s dishes are high-level in every sense, reflecting his nine years spent cooking in Barcelona with some of Spain’s most innovative chefs, including Ferran Adrià and Joan Roca.