Chef Anna Matscher of Zum Löwen - Biography

Tesimo, Italy

July 2011

Anna Matscher and her husband Alois took over the Matscher family’s old inn 22 years ago. Both of them changed careers—he was a bank employee, she a massage therapist, and they struggled with their lack of experience in the hospitality industry. After the third year, Anna, a hobby cook, managed the cooking all by herself, delving first into pastas and desserts.

Alois Matscher, meanwhile, trained himself as a sommelier. And though it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the Matschers, after 10 years they unexpectedly received their first Michelin star. Meanwhile, other restaurant managers had begun to take notice of the inn, Zum Löwen, and it began to pop up in travel guides.

In winter 2007 to 2008, the Matscher family achieved their objective of bringing Zum Löwen’s ambience, service, and cuisine into harmony. The restaurant relocated to the courtyard of the inn, between the inn and the stables. They decided to maintain the old structures, but converted the interior into a roomy restaurant based on plans by architect Zeno Bampi. The cooking now takes place in the old dining halls.

Chef Matscher is constantly searching for new products, has cultivated her own herb garden and continually attempts to strike a balance between traditional and Mediterranean creative cuisine. Alois Matscher is in charge of the wine cellar, with approximately 350 wine labels, and currently tends to the guests in the hall with the help of their daughter Elisabeth.

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