Chef Andrew McConnell of Cutler & Co. - Biography

Melbourne, Australia

June 2010

Andrew McConnell is an artistic chef, the kind who prides the creativity of his craft and the diversity of influences in his culinary environment. Perhaps there’s no better location for him, professionally speaking, than his native Melbourne. McConnell was born and raised in the city and he’s worked his way through some of its many kitchens, from Maria and Walter’s and Capers and, more recently, Circa, Cumulus Inc., and Three, One, Two. Being a chef for McConnell is as much about knowing and respecting local products as it is about welcoming innovation, whether in technique or by the influence of other cultures. Besides absorbing the culinary traditions of the various kitchens in his curriculum vitae, McConnell has worked abroad, in Europe and China, feasting his professional curiosity on the grand and varied traditions that inform global cuisine. But throughout his culinary journey, McConnell’s own developing style has exhibited a purity of focus as well as a deft hand at juxtaposing simple elements—the great local products grown and bred on his native land—in powerful ways.