Chef Alexander Dioses of La Mar - Biography

Santiago, Chile

May 2011

As a child, Chef Alexander Dioses loved going into his mother’s kitchen and playing with cookie dough. After graduating from school, he decided to study food industry engineering. After a few months, Dioses changed his mind and went to study gastronomy at the Institute of the Andes. At the time there were only three culinary schools of that caliber in the country. He built on his experience by working with the Japanese, organizing events for Alberto Fujimori. In addition, he worked in some hotels of Lima.

In 2001, Dioses accepted a position as Food and Beverage Manager, making him responsible for the logistics of Peruvian restaurant Mare Nostra in Providence, Chile. After three years in Chile, he returned to Peru to work in a Japanese restaurant. He was in his homeland when he opened Pisac, Cusco restaurant Mullo with a partner. Dioses joined the Macha, a group of franchises including La Mar and Astrid and Gaston, native hotels, of which Chef Gastón Acurio is a partner. There, Dioses began his love affair with the bounty of the sea, so emblematic of Peruvian cuisine. He helped open La Mar in September 2008.

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