Chef Alessandro Stratta of Renoir (at The Mirage) - Biography

Las Vegas , NV

September 2010

Alessandro Stratta has conquered the Vegas dining scene—a real feat for a chef in a market glutted with big-name properties and high-caliber chefs. Despite the glitz and glamour of his chosen culinary hometown, what makes Stratta such a success is his cuisine, pure and simple.

Able to marry the classic flavors and techniques of French cuisine to the rusticity and bold freshness of Italian cuisine, Stratta successfully straddles—and transcends—regional cooking. No doubt this is a result of his international upbringing, part of the fourth generation of a family of restaurateurs and hoteliers who lived much of his young life in places like Italy, France, Singapore, and Mexico.

With the mentors Alain Ducasse, for whom Stratta worked for two years at Louis XV, and Daniel Boulud, who led him at Le Cirque for another formative two years, it’s no surprise Stratta has evolved into such a confident, capable chef with a voice entirely his own. It’s a voice that’s earned him a spot in the ranks of “American’s Ten Best Chefs” in Food & Wine Magazine, as well as the coveted “Best Chef in the Southwest” by the James Beard Foundation.

Chef Stratta brought that voice from the Phoenecian where he helped the restaurant earn four stars, to Steve Wynn’s Renoir at the Mirage, to his current outpost, Alex, at the Wynn, where the chef continues to serve his fresh, sophisticated, often whimsical Riviera-inspired cuisine to a rapt, and satisfied, audience.