Mixologist Albert Trummer of Theater Bar - Biography

New York, NY

October 2011

Some drink-makers call themselves bar chefs; some call themselves mixologists; Albert Trummer calls himself an apothéker. He crafts his cocktails with herbs and botanicals to create not just your average beverage, but an elixir. Trummer borrows techniques from the kitchen and apothecary to stir up masterpieces that blur the line between chemistry and art.

Throughout his career, the Austrian-born apothéker has worked for David Bouley, the Chambers Hotel, Home Bar on Shelter Island, and 60 Thompson. Adding years of experience to his own evolving philosophy of the craft, Trummer eventually made it his mission to import obscure herbs and ingredients from Europe, collecting recipes from monks and monasteries to make his herbal remedies and infusions. And he uses this store of ingredients and old world savvy behind the bar, meticulously blending fresh fruits, botanicals, and secret elixirs to create signature beverages.

In 2008, Trummer and partner Heather Tierney opened Apotheke, a home-base for his ancient-remedy-meets-modern-mixology approach, appropriately housed in the time-warping space of a former opium den. And just recently, Trummer and his team opened Theater Bar in Tribeca, where the mixologist and his team work to bring the extraordinary back to the increasingly quotidienne world of cocktails.